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A DVD/video on DRT has been released by MTRU. The film, which runs for 40 minutes, shows examples of best practice in demand responsive transport. Click in the box on the right for a preview of part of the Genoa case study.

DVD/Video Preview here!

The file is 7Mb and you will need Windows Media Player 7.1 or above, broadband advisable.

The video gives a real flavour of different schemes in six case study areas: Genoa, Lincoln, Hampshire, Tampere (Finland), Campi (near Florence) and Strathclyde. All bring to life a different way in which DRT can help solve transport problems in urban or rural locations. It should especially interest:
  • transport professionals
  • local authorities
  • transport operators
  • local councillors
  • tutors and students
  • community organisations

There are interviews with the designers and operators of the services, summaries at the end of each scheme (see above left) and an overall round up section. It comes with an extended information pack and costs £59.99 (€95, US$115) for the DVD or VHS video including VAT + P&P. To download an order form click here.

Genoa summary
In bus screen

Local Transport Today
‘Transport Authorities where bus patronage is falling, would do well to watch this.’
‘This video is a useful introduction to DRT and is very professionally produced.’
Coach and Bus Week
‘(it) demonstrates how isolated rural communities, suburbs and housing estates can have improved public transport - almost door to door at agreed times.’